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21 February 2007

Deborama's WWW Number 13 - NPR's This American Life

I tell you what, in this fast-paced multi-media plexiverse we inhabit, you have to move fast. I announced last week that I was going to start a run of radio-themed WWWs, and at the time, I was planning to save This American Life for a couple of weeks. But I went to the website, and darn me if it hasn't morphed itself into a TV show! It has not emerged for its close-up yet but is just a month and a bit away from a debut on American public television. I will definitely have to catch it when I am over there.
Oh, and by the way, I have to thank my son Carey for introducing me to TAL; he is a massive fan as evidenced by this old blog post. He says it might make you feel sad, but it made me weep and haunted me for days. Unfortunately, the link to the audio of the episode, "Other People's Mail" from 25 July 1997, does not work, but check out Carey's profile for a permanent link to TAL and you can find it in the archive. Or not. They're all good.)

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