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10 February 2007


So, have you noticed the change in Deborama? Yes, I have finally siezed the nettle and converted my blog template to the new Blogger "page layout" format. I did not like any of the Blogger-provided templates, though, but through a Google Group dedicated to sharing info on using the new Blogger I found a site selling very reasonably priced and attractive templates, so I bought one. (Link at the bottom of the page, as per T&C.) I used the same font and a roughly similar colour scheme to try to ease the transition, but I really like the ease of "adding widgets" and I especially like the three column format. So I'm pretty happy with it. Feedback would be appreciated. Oh, yeah, the Haloscan comments are absent, I hope only temporarily. As soon as I have time. . .
I'm off to see Cats in Nottingham now.

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