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21 June 2003

Oxford English Dictionary's word-of-the-day:
extropian, n. and a.

A. n. Freq. with capital initial. An advocate or adherent of the theory of extropy; a person who believes that cultural and technological development tends to oppose, and will overcome, entropy.
1988 Extropy (Introductory Issue) Fall 9 Extropians..have the insight and courage to choose the perspectives-expanding extropian paradigm. 1993 R. RUCKER et al. Mondo 2000 283/1 Extropians are folks who oppose entropy, through a variety of technological and philosophical means. 1995 Ottawa Citizen (Nexis) 1 Apr. B4 It may seem..that Extropians place too much faith in technology, that they're much too high on the freedoms and possibilities you find on the Net, but all they're doing is trying out ideas. 2000 Star-Ledger (Newark, New Jersey) (Morris ed.) 4 Jan. 1/2 While biochemists and geneticists strive to fashion longer life by manipulating DNA..‘extropians’believers in the consciousness-extending power of computersare looking to the preservation of souls in silicon.
B. adj. Of or relating to extropy, extropians, or Extropianism.
1988 Extropy (Introductory Issue) Fall 21 H. G. Wells wrote some very extropian stories. 1995 Observer 26 Mar. (Life Suppl.) 12/3 Down isn't an Extropian direction. Down isn't in their dictionary, or if it is, it's probably been turned into something more Extropian, like ‘anti-up’. 1998 E. DAVIS TechGnosis (1999) iv. 128 In the Extropian utopia, the mind abandons the body, technology rewrites the laws of nature, and libertarian superbrights leave Terra's polluted and impoverished nest for a cyborg life in space. 2001 Canberra Times (Nexis) 15 Jan. A15 What will the human of the future be like? The question is answered by the transhumanist theories of the Extropian Institute.

Oh, yeah, R. Rucker, I remember him well. I believe you will find the R stands for Rudy.

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