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19 June 2003

In an earlier post that mentioned GM crops, I made the declaration that my opposition to GM technology was not a blanket condemnation of the policy itself but rather against what I consider inherently unethical applications (herbicide resistance and the terminator gene, specifically.) I also made the (possibly rash) statement that if I did not consider a given genetic modification unethical and was convinced by proper clinical testing that it was not harmful, I would even eat it. Now it looks like I may have a chance to put my - er - mouth where my mouth is? No, that doesn't sound right. Oh, eat my words, no drink my words. But anyway, I read in the New Scientist that the latest research is on a naturally low-caffeine coffee bean. As the article mentions, caffeine "can trigger palpitations and increase blood pressure in sensitive individuals". Well, I am one of those unlucky individuals, and I love the taste of coffee. It seems cruel that decaffeinated coffee both lacks a bit of the taste and costs more, due to the expensive nature of the process. The article claims that the new GM coffee (not available for many years, I imagine, as it is still in R&D) will taste just the same and cost less. (Ha! I'll believe that when I see it. Have you ever heard of a new commodity food that costs less? Nor have I.)

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