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15 June 2003

Of course, Hillary C.'s new memoirs are the major buzz right now, in the blogosphere as many other spheres. Peter Preston is not quite sure about her and attempts to read between the lines, while Elaine Showalter is sure she has the measure of Clinton's theme, which is "fight your own battles, run your own race," which apparently makes her book a "powerful feminist document". I think Hillary would like that.

I don't really fancy the distaff Clinton's chances as President 2008. I think she would make a good first female US head of state, but I don't think she could survive the race (not that I'm paranoid or anything. Like hell I'm not.) And that perceived lack of a sense of humour, or the kind of suspicious charm that propelled her husband to the heights and is keeping him even now at the centre of things, is still a problem.

But here's a thought: Chelsea Clinton in 2016? You heard it here first. (Or, if you didn't hear it here first, tell me where you heard it so I can see if there's an election committee I can join.)

A little bit of personal trivia I just discovered: Chelsea Clinton was born in 1980 and named for the Joni Mitchell song "Chelsea Morning". My son Carey was born in 1979 and named for the Joni Mitchell song "Carey". Don't you think these two should meet?

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