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08 January 2005

The strait gate or the wide? A response to the Gonzalez appointment

A Southern Baptist ethicist is appalled at the proposed appointment of Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General. -- Beliefnet.com I got this link in an e-mail from my friend Lance in Minneapolis (thanks!) A good quote from the end of the piece:

Christians pride themselves in voting their values, but where is the righteous indignation over the sanctity of all life?
Jesus tells us what to do with a tree that bears bad fruit. And yet, some Christians support torture and injustices in the name of patriotism. They choose the easy road, and want this wide gate of power and privilege protected on the homefront as well as the world stage.
But we also know this wide gate leads to destruction. They will stand before the throne saying “Lord, Lord, did I not define my “moral values’ in you name?” But alas, for on that day, the prisoners of Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo shall arise and bear witness against this perverse generation.
Who will instead take the road that is hard through the narrow gate that leads to life? So few who call themselves Christians traverse that road!

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