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23 January 2005

Bluesblog: Hazy Shade Of Winter

Bluesblog is the work-related blog of the guy who does The Whole Wide World of Fat Buddha. In this post, he addresses homelessness in his part of Great Britain, and describes his visit to a dire and grim hostel.

It is a shame, it is a shame upon us as a nation that we will let people live like this. We take the most desperate, inadequate people we have and put them in grotty hovels, with no facilities, in the grottiest part of town and say, go on then, improve yourselves. You look at the dead, expressionless eyes of the young girls holding their babies and wonder what kind of life has led them to this, and you look at the babies, the faultless, innocent babies, and you envisage their future and it is enough to make you weep.

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