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26 May 2004

Justice must be seen to be done

Thank you Pete (of WWW of Fat Buddha) for posting the link to this brilliant polemic in The Blogging of the President: 2004. I don't know who Stirling Newberry is (I feel I should know, but I don't), but there is something very Patrick-Henryish in his prose style and the unflinching, harsh logic of his declaration.
"Our leaders, if we were a defeated nation, would be sent to the Hague or some other tribunal for War Crimes prosecution. That we will not do this insures that our enemies, fortified by the clear bankruptcy of our laws, and our clear willingness to flagrantly break them when it is to our own advantage, and the complete and utter lack of accountability for those that break them, and those who enable breaking them - will strike, with devastating force, at the centers of our commerce and population."

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