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24 July 2007

Leicester Tigers are heroes in the flood

In the course of jazzing up my customised Google home page, I added a feature called Mood News that was supposed to be a newsfeed of only good, uplifting, positive news. It didn't work at all and I had to delete it; it was just giving me the same old depressing news as any feed only more weird and random. But I serendipitously found this piece of lovely upbeat news - about a terribly depressing subject too - on the newsstand in the W. H. Smith at Leicester train station.

Leicester Tigers stars turned heroes to help victims of the worst flooding
in living memory.Ben Kay and Martin Corry carried motorists and trapped
villagers to safety, and pushed flooded cars out of the path of rising waters
after they became stranded in a Gloucestershire village on Saturday.The pair
were heading back from England training duty in Bath when they were caught up in
the flooding in Weston Subedge, near Chipping Camden, where more than five
inches of rain had fallen.Today, it emerged they spent hours carrying people out of
danger.Afterwards, Martin, 33, and Ben, 31- both strapping forwards standing 6ft
4in and weighing more than 17 stone each - were forced to spend the night in
their stranded car.

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