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10 December 2003

War Opponents Denounce U.S. Rules on Contracts in Iraq

The Washington Post is one of many sources for this story of "war opponents" being banned from bidding on contracts to help rebuild Iraq. I think this could turn out to be another of those monumental foreign policy blunders that the US falls into every decade or so. Particularly troubling is how it could drive a wedge between the US and Canada, who opposed the war but is contributing (for now) about $225 million. But that money could now well be withheld. Trade ties between Canada and the US are so close, it makes me wonder how they can really enforce this ban; I am sure there are a lot of joint venture companies partly Canadian and partly American - will they be banned as well, or does it only matter which country the firm is headquartered in? It all seems very capricious and unproductive.

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