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08 October 2003

Blotting my copybook again

I just can't seem to be serious. The more depressed I get about current events the more I reach out blindly for humour, trivia or various legal but unhealthy forms of self-medication. So I thought I would check in with all the Californians in my blogroll and see what they were saying. Body and Soul's Jeanne was sad and angry and - hmm - almost elegaic about -- lost innocence? Maybe. Very close to how I would feel if I were a Californian and if I didn't make this silly retreat into foolery. Pacific Views has thoughtful stuff and the observation that California is practically un-governable, which makes one think that Arnie may have made a major strategic blunder being the fall guy at this point in history. Joel at Pax Nortona for some reason has not even blogged at all; is he too upset or is he above all that? But it was on ZOTA in a post called Blot that I found the register of my moody reaction: he's discussing the kinds of alcohol most appropriate to use in the attempt to forget. (I am sure there's a wordplay on Total Recall in there somewhere but i just can't get it.) The funny thing is I didn't know until now that Zota was in California; I only blogrolled it to have something presentable that started with "Z". (There, now everyone knows what a tragic little OCD person I am.)

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