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30 September 2003

Challenge Censorship - Read Banned Books

I found this tidbit on Creative Dissonance. Once again I missed Banned Book Week. And I think I even sort of banned, well challenged, a book myself that week, although I felt really bad about it. Let me explain. In order to "get out more", and also to save money on books, I joined a "Reading Chains" programme at the Nottingham Public Library (sort of like a book club but without meetings). I was given a book to read that hadn't officially been added to the "chain" and when I returned it, I recommended that it not be added to the chain because it has a very explicit and, to me, disturbing, scene in it involving mother-son incest. I made it clear that the book was not in my opinion obscene, nor was it a "bad" book (in fact it was well written) but I was thinking that a thing like this, if someone more touchy than me read it (that's most people to be fair) could bring unwelcome controversy to the library. As I say, I felt very conflicted about the whole thing. The book is called "The Deadly Space Between", so it would ease my conscience a lot if someone would read it.

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