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27 March 2003

Who is Deborama?

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a 50 year old (but pretty hot for 50) American woman who lives in the UK. Why do I live in the UK? It's a long story, a love story. (You'll laugh, you'll cry, it will change your life. No really.) But the short version is that 7 years ago, through an unlikely chain of events, I met this British guy through an e-mail pen pal website and somehow, after a brief torrid affair and a horrible breakup and a reconciliation that you wouldn't believe if you read it in a novel, and a few more tiffs and some more reconciliation and some therapy and a trial shack-up, we got married.

I have two adult children who both live in the US - one in Georgia and one in Minnesota. I am very homesick for Minnesota and I miss my kids and I miss a whole load of friends back in the States, but apart from that, and a few other complaints that will probably come out in this log from time to time, I like it here.

Except I can't vote here. I now have taxation without representation, almost 300 years after one of my illustrious ancestors, a Whig politician from Northern Ireland, departed for America and later fought in a war over just that issue. Ironies of history indeed. I used to be "very political". That will show, I am sure.

Other major features of who I am:
I am quite spiritual, some would say religious
I am a Hindu trapped in the body of a Methodist.
In Chinese astrology, I am a dragon.
In Mayan astrology I am also a dragon. Does that make it a consensus?
In western astrology, I have sun in Scorpio, which is a lot like a dragon.
However, my rising sign is Taurus and my moon is in Cancer, so that means I am a dragon who cries a lot.
I am going to become a grandmother soon.
I used to be the secret disciple of a great teacher, but he died.
I then became the unofficial acolyte of his widow, also a great teacher but then she died.
Politically, I am closest to an anarcho-syndicalist. If you don't know what that is, don't be offended, just look it up.

The above are just random chosen factoids about me. They are probably not in fact the things that most define me, but just what I thought of at the time. More later.

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